Unity from Zero to Proficiency (Intermediate) - Book

A step-by-step guide to coding your first FPS in C# with Unity.


Third Edition updated for Unity 2019, Published in October 2019

In this book, the third book in the series, you will become comfortable with C# programming and Unity by creating three games: a 3D First-Person Shooter, a 2D space shooter, a card matching game, and a 2D puzzle game.

The book includes step-by-step activities, as well as quizzes and challenges at the end of each chapter. The content of each chapter is as follows:

  • Chapter 1 provides an introduction to C# and explains key programming concepts such as variables, variable types, polymorphism, constructors, or methods as well as best practices for C# programming within Unity.
  • Chapter 2 helps you to code your first script in C#. It explains common coding mistakes and errors in Unity, and how to avoid them easily.
  • Chapter 3 gets you to use C# to instantiate, use and control Rigidbody objects from your script as well as explosions to create intelligent robots that track and shoot projectiles at the player.
  • Chapter 4 explains how to create and manage both weapons (e.g., a gun and a grenade launcher) and ammunitions.
  • Chapter 5 explains how to use Mecanim and NavMesh navigation to control an animated character that detects, follows, or attacks the player.
  • Chapter 6 makes it possible to combine the skills that you have acquired in the previous chapters to create a fully functional level. You will also learn how to generate a maze (or game level) dynamically from your code.
  • Chapter 7 explains how to create a simple 2D scrolling shooter where the player will pilot a space ship, avoid asteroids, and destroy enemies to win.
  • Chapter 8 shows you how to add explosions and a scrolling background to your game.
  • Chapter 9 gets you to add intelligent enemies to your game.
  • Chapter 10 explains how you can include a shield to the player, along with audio, more intelligent enemies, and a scoring system.
  • Chapter 11 explains how you can create a card-guessing game.
  • Chapter 12 explains how you can create a 2D puzzle game.
  • Chapter 13 summarizes the topics covered in the book and provides you with more information on the next steps.

If you want to create FPS games,2D Shooters, Card Games and Puzzles with Unity using a tried-and-tested method: download this book now!

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Patrick Felicia is a lecturer and researcher at Waterford Institute of Technology, where he teaches and supervise undergraduate and postgraduate students. He obtained his MSc in Multimedia Technology in 2003 and PhD in Computer Science in 2009 from University College Cork, Ireland. He has published several books and articles on the use of video games for educational purposes, including the Handbook of Research on Improving Learning and Motivation through Educational Games: Multidisciplinary Approaches (published by IGI), and Digital Games in Schools: a Handbook for Teachers, published by European Schoolnet. Patrick is also the Editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Game-Based Learning (IJGBL), and the Conference Director of the Irish Symposium on Game-Based Learning, a popular conference on games and learning organized throughout Ireland.

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