Course Structure

Welcome to this course!

The idea behind this course is to get you proficient with C# and Unity.

So the course includes several modules that will progressively teach you key aspects of C# and how C# can be combined with Unity to achieve some of the most common game-play features; these area include :

  • Introduction to C# Programming
  • Using C# with Unity
  • Events, Objects detection and user Inputs
  • Working with External Files and Resources
  • Using Masks and Layers

So after completing this course, you shoud be able to:

  • Understand Object-Oriented Concepts (e.g., classes, overloading, constructors, destructors, instances, polymorphism, dot notation, etc).
  • Use methods, variables, common structures (e.g., loops, conditional statements) and common data types (e.g., static, constants, arrays, lists, dictionaries, etc).
  • Understand C# syntax when used in Unity.
  • Understand and use common built-in methods from the Unity library.
  • Understand events and process user inputs in Unity.
  • Detect objects through ray-casting, triggers, and colliders.
  • Work with external files.
  • Use masks and layers in Unity.

You can go through the entire course or select the section that is more relevant to your needs.

All sections include video and text, so that you can use the media that works best for you; some sections also include labs.

As always, if you have any question, you can email me on : [email protected]